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It is well known that businesses of today operate in a fast-paced environment that requires quick learning, just-in-time training, and instant access to knowledge and information.

It is important to continuously nourish the brain by learning and we can do this by reading, listening to CDs or recordings, going through online courses or training, attending workshops, seminars or conferences.

At times, we need the classroom training and certain times we need the online as refresher of what we have learned or for quick access.

The 3 Learning Styles

There are three main learning styles and we each use one approach better than the other at different times.

Visual Learners are those who generally think in terms of pictures. They often prefer to see things written down in a handout, text or on the overhead. They find maps, graphs, charts, and other visual learning tools to be extremely effective. They remember things best by seeing something written.

Auditory Learners are those who generally learn best by listening. They typically like to learn through lectures, discussions, and reading aloud. They remember best through hearing or saying items aloud.

Kinesthetic Learners also called tactile, learners are those who learn best through touching, feeling, and experiencing that which they are trying to learn. They remember best by writing or physically manipulating the information.

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