12 TIPS on How to Make Providing Feedback PAINLESS

1. Be clear about your authority. You must be willing to exercise leadership in confronting behavior that may be easier to ignore.

2. Establish clear expectations regarding performance and personal conduct.

3. Make sure you are aware of your Organization’s disciplinary procedures and that you document problems and concerns.

4. Your enforcement of your expectations must be:

i. Consistent

ii. Immediate

iii. Without hostility

iv. Without guilt

5. Let others take responsibility by making the commitment to improve.

6. Be aware of consequences and follow up steps if the person refuses to change or if their behavior does not improve.

7. State directly and specifically what you see happening

8. State the consequences and your concerns about what you see happening.

9. Invite and Listen to comments.

10. Review your expectations regarding the behavior and/or provide needed information and training.

11. Ask for a commitment to improve the behavior.

12. Acknowledge and let the person know that you appreciate their commitment.

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