Four Ways To Get Motivated to Sell

By Geoffrey James

Selling is emotional heavy lifting. Everything from cold calling to closing requires the ability to get motivated to perform at your best.  With that in mind, here are four key “do it every day” activities which, if practiced regularly, will consistently motivate you to sell:

  • Activity #1: Cultivate Your Mind. Fill your mind with inspiring ideas and powerful examples of success, thereby reinforcing your confidence and resolve. Rather than listening to the news on your morning commute, listen to motivational CDs or (at least) music that inspires you and makes you feel powerful and confident.
  • Activity #2: Cultivate Your Body. Healthy thoughts are easier to generate inside a healthy body. If you’re too tired to do more than the minimum, your chances for success are greatly reduced. Omar recommends daily aerobic exercise to keep your body in a condition that will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Activity #3: Cultivate Positive People. You absorb the energy and ideas of the people around you. Treat people with negative thought patterns (including customers and managers) as if they were mentally ill and ignore their negative spins. Spend as much time as possible with people who energize and inspire you.
  • Activity #4: Cultivate Your Flexibility. Achieving a goal is like walking to a destination that you can see in the distance. As you get closer, you’ll see things that were outside of your vision at the start. Change your plan so that it matches your new perception of circumstances. This prevents you from slogging at things that don’t work.

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