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Have You Set Your Goals For 2010?

Setting Goals

Goal setting is planning for personal achievement. It is a formal process of setting personal targets in a number of areas. The process of setting goals on routine basis helps you decide what you want to achieve with your time, and then set the precise personal target that will lead you to achieving this.

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding and Timely.

  • The more specific your goals are the more likely you are to be successful in a shorter amount of time.
  • You need a way to measure your progress toward the accomplishment of your goals, some specific criteria that will tell you when you’ve achieved the goal.
  • An attainable goal is one you believe that you can achieve. Goals should be challenging but reachable.
  • A goal is rewarding when you have clear reasons why you want to reach that goal.
  • Your goal should have a specific time limit. Setting a timeline will protect you from procrastination and perfectionism.

By planning well you can ensure that you concentrate only on those tasks that will move you towards your goal in the most effective way possible, without being distracted by unimportant but urgent tasks.

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Overview of K&A Solutions, LLC

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Are We Falling Behind in Employee Development?

Many firms are taking a wait-and-see approach to providing their employees with the necessary training and development opportunities until the impact of the government’s interaction in the financial services and banking sectors is known, and companies move closer to the growth mode. Do not wait, take action now and give yourself and your staff the leadership and accountability advantage that K&A Solutions’ seminars or programs offer.

A lack of investment in employees is threatening the ability of many leading industrialized countries to maintain global competitiveness in the post-recession economy. A study by Cognisco, entitled “Knowledge - The New Commodity,” highlights that developed countries such as the U.S. and UK are likely to face the biggest challenge due to a decrease in spending on knowledge development in response to the recession. In comparison, according to the 301 firms surveyed in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s February 2009 Asia Business Outlook Survey, few businesses in emerging Asian markets plan to decrease training budgets. This contrasts with industrialized countries, where a large number of firms are cutting employee investment rather than increasing it.

As a manager, your success is measured not simply by your individual contribution, but by how well you get the work done with and through others. During a recession, managerial effectiveness is vital to organizational success and there is little room for compromise. Our Leadership program provides management training in the skills every manager must have in order to achieve team synergy and success.

Learn how to fine-tune your management style; create an atmosphere where motivation can flourish; use coaching as a tool to improve performance and job satisfaction; and communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization. Take the training program and you will be able to tackle your challenges with confidence and drive performance for you and your team.

The importance of management skills for administrative professionals also goes beyond heightened professional growth and career development, especially during a recession when the demands made on their abilities can quickly multiply. The benefits of management skills for administrative professionals, as well as for the team they support, are numerous. More effective communication, increased efficiency and a greater ability to handle conflict are just a few of the results of enhanced management skills for administrative professionals. Sign your administrative professionals or potential managers for the Compass program.

The Compass program is ideal for seasoned administrative professionals, including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff who are striving to refine their management skills in order to enhance their careers and add to their organization’s effectiveness. New supervisors with less than three years of supervisory experience, process and production supervisors will also benefit from the Compass training.

Let’s hear what your thoughts are.

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What people who worked with Minnie are saying

“I had the pleasure of working with Minnie throughout our tenure at Prudential in various assignments. Minnie is a detail oriented Manager who was able to build a new division that quickly achieved excellent results. She established the training program, various claim workflows and key metrics for tracking the progress of individuals and the entire division. It was my pleasure to work with Minnie over the years.” December 21, 2008

Chris Longo, VP Disability Claim Operations, Prudential
managed Minnie at Prudential Insurance

“Minnie did a great job in focusing on her teams goals and getting them accomplished. She knew that her goals were challenging and that having a committed and competent staff were critical to their success. She always made sure that her team received the opportunity to improve their personal and professional skills.” December 3, 2008

John Barilla, Vice President & Account Executive, Prudential Insurance
managed Minnie indirectly at Prudential Insurance

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