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Lymphedema Management An Evidence Based Approach

Coming up in your neighborhood

Kindred Hospital

2401 South Side Boulevard

Greensboro, NC 27406


Jane de Heer, PT, DPT, MBA, CLT

November 17th and 18th, 2012

This comprehensive two day course is designed to teach therapists the most current evidence based management techniques to effectively treat Lymphedema.

Recent research studies will be discussed to validate therapeutic techniques. Participants will leave the course with information and techniques needed to immediately begin managing patients with lymphedema.

Effective assessment and treatment approaches are thoroughly explained and practiced in the laboratory sessions.  Successful functional outcomes with lymphedema patients can be achieved if the therapist has appropriate clinical skills and theoretical knowledge of lymphedema.

Course Objectives:

 Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system.

 Describe the path physiology of common upper and lower extremity lymphedema.

 Recognize, assess and treat the different classifications of upper and lower extremity.

 Perform proper massage techniques to enhance lymphatic flow and explain the physiologic rationale for manual lymphatic drainage.

 Proper application of short stretch compression bandages .

 Perform limb measurements that provide acceptable documentation of outcome measure.

 Choose appropriate garment and instruct patients in correct application.

 Introduce new-technology including low level laser and latest research supporting its use in lymphedema management.

 Develop and implement a lymphedema program including marketing and reimbursement issues.

Please call to sign up Now at (856) 607-3053

or email us at

Kindred Hospital Lymphedema Course Brochure

Kindred Hospital Flyer

Lymphedema Management

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Learning Styles - video & eLearning courses

It is well known that businesses of today operate in a fast-paced environment that requires quick learning, just-in-time training, and instant access to knowledge and information.

It is important to continuously nourish the brain by learning and we can do this by reading, listening to CDs or recordings, going through online courses or training, attending workshops, seminars or conferences.

At times, we need the classroom training and certain times we need the online as refresher of what we have learned or for quick access.

The 3 Learning Styles

There are three main learning styles and we each use one approach better than the other at different times.

Visual Learners are those who generally think in terms of pictures. They often prefer to see things written down in a handout, text or on the overhead. They find maps, graphs, charts, and other visual learning tools to be extremely effective. They remember things best by seeing something written.

Auditory Learners are those who generally learn best by listening. They typically like to learn through lectures, discussions, and reading aloud. They remember best through hearing or saying items aloud.

Kinesthetic Learners also called tactile, learners are those who learn best through touching, feeling, and experiencing that which they are trying to learn. They remember best by writing or physically manipulating the information.

Business Skills Videos & ELearning Series

Are you looking for quick and effective learning tools for your professional development and self improvement plans?

Try our Quick eLearning solutions for your immediate learning needs.  Our eLearning platform meets the needs for a solution that can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively. This streamlined learning solution enables participants to instantly access web-based training through a catalog of eLearning courses.
Why use the eLearning?

  • You get necessary training anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Accessible from any Internet workstation.
  • More cost effective per person than traditional classroom training.
  • High quality programs.
  • 100% web-based, no additional hardware or software needed.
  • Full technical support.

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Try our introductory deals for the business skills video, end user elearning or technical elearning series or courses.  Sign up for a year’s subscription of a series of classes or for the entire course.  We will send your login information to you by email.

You can go over the classes multiple times with no limit and the system monitors and tracks your progress through pre and post tests.  Take a shot at it, we have a huge selection of classes to choose from.  Thank you.

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Principles of Leadership Workshop on July 21st @9am

Join us on Tuesday July 21st, 2009 from 9am to 12:30pm for a powerful workshop on Leadership.  See attached flyer for details and registration forms.

Contact us at (973) 856-8501 to sign you up or contact us by email at and we will call you back immediately.  We accept major credit/debit cards, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you.  Minnie



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The Role of Trust Coming Up June 9th, 2009 for FREE

Win as much as you can.

When trust is absent, relationships are characterized by an adversarial attitude: me vs. you; us vs. them. Rather than goodwill, there are deep and hidden animosities. Respect is lost and our performance is compromised as our energies go into manipulation and protection rather than working
together towards a shared vision.

Experience the consequences of win-lose and win-win strategies; Learn how to achieve win-win relationships; Understand what is meant by trust; Identify the biggest organizational trust issues; Set personal goals for improving trust.

Join us for this incredible experience at no cost to you and please RSVP. Contact us for more information at (973) 856-8501 or

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Are We Falling Behind in Employee Development?

Many firms are taking a wait-and-see approach to providing their employees with the necessary training and development opportunities until the impact of the government’s interaction in the financial services and banking sectors is known, and companies move closer to the growth mode. Do not wait, take action now and give yourself and your staff the leadership and accountability advantage that K&A Solutions’ seminars or programs offer.

A lack of investment in employees is threatening the ability of many leading industrialized countries to maintain global competitiveness in the post-recession economy. A study by Cognisco, entitled “Knowledge - The New Commodity,” highlights that developed countries such as the U.S. and UK are likely to face the biggest challenge due to a decrease in spending on knowledge development in response to the recession. In comparison, according to the 301 firms surveyed in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s February 2009 Asia Business Outlook Survey, few businesses in emerging Asian markets plan to decrease training budgets. This contrasts with industrialized countries, where a large number of firms are cutting employee investment rather than increasing it.

As a manager, your success is measured not simply by your individual contribution, but by how well you get the work done with and through others. During a recession, managerial effectiveness is vital to organizational success and there is little room for compromise. Our Leadership program provides management training in the skills every manager must have in order to achieve team synergy and success.

Learn how to fine-tune your management style; create an atmosphere where motivation can flourish; use coaching as a tool to improve performance and job satisfaction; and communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization. Take the training program and you will be able to tackle your challenges with confidence and drive performance for you and your team.

The importance of management skills for administrative professionals also goes beyond heightened professional growth and career development, especially during a recession when the demands made on their abilities can quickly multiply. The benefits of management skills for administrative professionals, as well as for the team they support, are numerous. More effective communication, increased efficiency and a greater ability to handle conflict are just a few of the results of enhanced management skills for administrative professionals. Sign your administrative professionals or potential managers for the Compass program.

The Compass program is ideal for seasoned administrative professionals, including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff who are striving to refine their management skills in order to enhance their careers and add to their organization’s effectiveness. New supervisors with less than three years of supervisory experience, process and production supervisors will also benefit from the Compass training.

Let’s hear what your thoughts are.

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