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EMPOWERMENT is letting the power out - Bringing out the BEST in others!

The power, we humans, possess can never be compared to any supernatural powers that superheroes, like Superman and the X-men use. After all, they are not real, ours is. Some agent in our body is responsible for giving us this power that makes us more of heroes than they are, an empowering agent, and this is our mind.

It is our mind that gives us authority and superiority, confidence and self-esteem, and inspiration and guidance over ourselves and others. This is how the mind works. This is how the mind empowers.

What is empowerment, by the way? I used to believe that empowerment is simply giving power or authority to somebody. In the book entitled “Empowerment Takes More than a Minute”, it talks about Marvin, a president and CEO of a midsize, once-successful company.

The story is really inspiring and motivating that I’d like to share it with you. It will give us a clearer insight on what empowerment really is and, like me, it might also change your view on it.

For some time now, Marvin had been thinking of his problems on the company he was working at, or for that matter, he was managing. What he failed to see was the company also has its problems on him, that he is turning out to be an ineffective leader. He had taken over leadership there for over a year already, or should I say, for over a year only, and yet his effectiveness as a leader is already not enough for the maintenance, if not progress, of the company.

At least, in all fairness to him, he cared enough to reflect on the matters that might lead to the company’s failure. Again, only it was hard for him to accept the fact that change should start on him before the rest of the company changes.

This made him ponder for quite a while. and then he came up with a solution, one that would make them leaner and meaner, one that he ‘thought’ was helpful - empowerment. And since he believed that everyone needs to be empowered, he made them, not certain if it was at all for the best of the company.

Well, for nine months, it seems that it was not even close to being good; especially that empowerment was merely a word to those supposed-to-be-empowered, and nothing more.

Desperate, he sought help from Sandy, the so-called “Empowering Manager.” At first he was hesitant because he found out that what he once thought as a “he” is really a “she.” It’s as if his self-esteem decreased since he was asking for a help from a lady, but eventually, he had accepted the truth that he really needed advice. The conversation went through and the most interesting part was how Sandy defined empowerment:

“Empowerment is not giving people power. They already have plenty of power, in the wealth of their knowledge and motivation, to do their jobs magnificently. We define empowerment as letting this power out.”

With such clear and motivating points of view, Sandy was able to change the attitude of Marvin towards managing his Company and being able to compete once again.

Although the story was basically focused on managing and leadership, what we can relate to is, what empowerment really is and how it works. But then again, mind power is really about managing ourselves until we can lead others, isn’t it?

Therefore, restating what the Empowerment Manager said, all of us already have that power inside of us. What the mind does is empowering us by releasing that power and letting us use it in appropriate measures.

If you would like to read more about unleashing the full potential of your mind, read on…….

Warning: Once you say you can’t, you just never will.

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Exciting, isn’t it? Definitely!

I bet you haven’t thought how powerful you can be. Yes, you are capable of attaining your heart’s deepest desires - by unleashing the hidden powers of your mind!

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12 TIPS on How to Make Providing Feedback PAINLESS

1. Be clear about your authority. You must be willing to exercise leadership in confronting behavior that may be easier to ignore.

2. Establish clear expectations regarding performance and personal conduct.

3. Make sure you are aware of your Organization’s disciplinary procedures and that you document problems and concerns.

4. Your enforcement of your expectations must be:

i. Consistent

ii. Immediate

iii. Without hostility

iv. Without guilt

5. Let others take responsibility by making the commitment to improve.

6. Be aware of consequences and follow up steps if the person refuses to change or if their behavior does not improve.

7. State directly and specifically what you see happening

8. State the consequences and your concerns about what you see happening.

9. Invite and Listen to comments.

10. Review your expectations regarding the behavior and/or provide needed information and training.

11. Ask for a commitment to improve the behavior.

12. Acknowledge and let the person know that you appreciate their commitment.

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Are We Falling Behind in Employee Development?

Many firms are taking a wait-and-see approach to providing their employees with the necessary training and development opportunities until the impact of the government’s interaction in the financial services and banking sectors is known, and companies move closer to the growth mode. Do not wait, take action now and give yourself and your staff the leadership and accountability advantage that K&A Solutions’ seminars or programs offer.

A lack of investment in employees is threatening the ability of many leading industrialized countries to maintain global competitiveness in the post-recession economy. A study by Cognisco, entitled “Knowledge - The New Commodity,” highlights that developed countries such as the U.S. and UK are likely to face the biggest challenge due to a decrease in spending on knowledge development in response to the recession. In comparison, according to the 301 firms surveyed in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s February 2009 Asia Business Outlook Survey, few businesses in emerging Asian markets plan to decrease training budgets. This contrasts with industrialized countries, where a large number of firms are cutting employee investment rather than increasing it.

As a manager, your success is measured not simply by your individual contribution, but by how well you get the work done with and through others. During a recession, managerial effectiveness is vital to organizational success and there is little room for compromise. Our Leadership program provides management training in the skills every manager must have in order to achieve team synergy and success.

Learn how to fine-tune your management style; create an atmosphere where motivation can flourish; use coaching as a tool to improve performance and job satisfaction; and communicate more effectively up, down and across the organization. Take the training program and you will be able to tackle your challenges with confidence and drive performance for you and your team.

The importance of management skills for administrative professionals also goes beyond heightened professional growth and career development, especially during a recession when the demands made on their abilities can quickly multiply. The benefits of management skills for administrative professionals, as well as for the team they support, are numerous. More effective communication, increased efficiency and a greater ability to handle conflict are just a few of the results of enhanced management skills for administrative professionals. Sign your administrative professionals or potential managers for the Compass program.

The Compass program is ideal for seasoned administrative professionals, including executive secretaries, administrative assistants, secretaries or other members of the administrative support staff who are striving to refine their management skills in order to enhance their careers and add to their organization’s effectiveness. New supervisors with less than three years of supervisory experience, process and production supervisors will also benefit from the Compass training.

Let’s hear what your thoughts are.

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