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At K&A Solutions, our objective is to help our clients identify areas of opportunity, develop skills and approaches to improve those areas, especially talent and knowledge management and generate positive outcomes financially or operationally. We provide our services through the following approaches:

• E-Learning and video based courses

• MP3 downloads or Ebooks

• Open forum seminars and workshops

• Compass series program, which is a 12-month program focused on developing knowledge and skills that will
significantly increase personal effectiveness and ability to successfully lead others.

• Leadership series program, which is a 8 or 10 month program developing high performance leadership skills:  From Control to Empowerment, and this will teach how to be an outstanding leader within your organization.

• In-house training, consulting and strategic planning

The program series is a combination of important topics in development and most common themes challenging business profitability. These are facilitated in separate modules or courses using the concept of ‘Spaced Repetition Learning’, processing small amounts of knowledge over time, increasing retention, changing behavior and forming habits. This helps empower people to be more productive and effective.

Our monthly newsletters provide insights or tips on various topics on self improvement and professional development.  Looking forward to helping you meet you goals, plans and aspirations for 2010 and beyond.