Time & Action Management

Time Management is such a critical piece for peak performance at work or in your business.  I am sure you are on the same page with me and interested in keeping your actions laser focused on producing results while maximizing your free time to enjoy leisure, spend it with family or have a balanced life.

The secret is never again say, “There is not enough time in the day” because that is our excuse not to get something done.  There is plenty of time.  We have 86,400 seconds each day to do what we want to do.  Time is not the problem, our belief about it is, and we need to change that belief system.

One can be viewed as a workaholic, who is completely exhausted and dead tired at the end of each day and making significant contribution to work or business.  This helps to boost the ego, looking for validation from others, but then again, can result in burnout and frustrations.  However, wouldn’t you rather be producing those significant results or even better and be balanced with your life?  The answer to that is managing your actions to get out the best for YOU.  I know a system that worked for me and I will recommend that you try it.  It is SIMPLEOLOGY.

I used the Simpleology System and I love it, it is so effective, simple and straight forward.  It will help you organize your day, your activities, tasks and plans to make the best out of your day and prioritize tasks or ideas as they come up. Click on the link below to get you FREE instant access to Simpleology 101, the Simple Science of Getting What you Want.  Believe me, you will love it!!!


• See your day with instant clarity
• Focus instantly on what´s important
• Dump the rest (liberation is a click away)
• Clear your brain of clutter and distraction

You know that you can’t prioritize if you don’t know what your big picture is! So first you need to work out where you are headed and what you are meant to be doing. Doing this helps you understand what your key focus should be, and this in itself can make working out your priority tasks a far simpler exercise.  You also need to work out a basic breakdown of how your time should be allocated.  Simpleology will help you with identifying your goals or priorities and the breakdown of your time.

Times of high energy are generally between 9am and 12 noon, sometimes rising again after 9 pm at night. We have medium energy levels around 8 am, and between 4 & 6 pm. Our lowest energy levels are often before 8am in the morning, between 12 noon & 2 pm and between 6 & 8 pm.  Therefore, if we complete tasks best suited in each area, you’ll not only save more time but feel like you are getting more done with your day.

In your high energy times, you need to focus on tasks that require the largest amount of concentration. These are the more complex parts of your work, such as analyzing, writing, and reporting.

In the low parts of your energy levels allocate this time to do more interactive tasks that will keep you relating and even more importantly awake. This is not a good time to attend lectures, meetings or do boring repetitive tasks that are going to induce sleep.

Dedicate 15 minutes at the end of each day or at the beginning of each day to go through your tasks, activities and plan your actions for the next day or that day depending on what system you use.  Time is Money, so spend it well or you lose it!

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops on Time Management in January and February 2010.